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Episode 21 – 06/05/2011

This week we share our lists of overused Sci-Fi tropes, and we make wishlists of our most-desired Sci-Fi technology.

Finally we discuss our wishes for Apple’s upcoming iCloud service. Will our predictions come true?

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Episode 20 – 05/14/2011

SETI Array Shutdown, Endeavour's Final Mission, Amazon & Sony Downtime, "Special".

Episode 19 – 05/06/2011

Virgin Oceanic, GeoHot settlement, Facebook Datacenters, Sci-Fi TV & Movies, The Man From Earth

Episode 18 – 04/28/2011

Pioneer Anomaly Solved, Summer Comic Book Movies, Source Code.

Episode 17 – 04/18/2011

Film Projection Formats, Amazon Cloud Files & Player, TV Renewals, Time Bandits